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F-11D Blaster Electronics

BLTroniX F-11D Blaster Arduino Code

Program Code

My Arduino Code for the F-11D Blaster is based on the Arduino Open Blaster code by TK8177 of the Italica Garrison.
Over the years I have learned a lot more on how to program the Arduino so have now completely changed the code to what it is today,
I have added a lot more functions and also included a display screen which is mounted in the Hengstler Counter.
The BLTroniX Code comes pre-programmed on the Arduino Nano and has no user configurable options.
Please Note: My Arduino BLTroniX program code is NOT open-source software so is not available for download. It comes pre-installed on the microcontroller.

Button/Switch Functions

Trigger Switch - Barrel LED's, fire LED and weapon sound.
Weapon Select Button - Changes the selected weapon.
Reload Button - Reloads the ammo for the current weapon.
Flashlight Switch - Turns the Flashlight On/Off.
Red Dot Laser Button - Turns the Red Dot Laser On/Off.
Long Hold on Select Button - Plays background chatter.

Display Screen

Displays Blastech Logo on Initialisation.
Current Weapon Name.
Remaining Ammo Counter.
Clip Out Warning - Clip Inserted.
Theme Tune Track Number.
Phrases Track Number.
Background Chatter Activated.
Red Dot Laser switched On or Off.

Pre-Loaded Weapons

F11D Blaster - 20 Rounds - Single Shot
Stun Blaster - 5 Rounds - Single Shot
At-At - 10 Rounds - Single Shot
Boba Flame - 5 Rounds - Single Shot
Bowcaster - 10 Rounds - Single Shot
X-Wing - 6 Rounds - Single Shot
Tie Fighter - 9 Rounds - Single Shot
.44 Magnum - 6 Rounds - Single Shot
Mauser K98 - 9 Rounds - Single Shot
Uzi Machine Gun - 95 Rounds - 5 Round Burst
Theme Tunes - 4 different tracks
Stormtrooper Phrases - 7 different phrases

Configuration Options

Include your TK Number or Name on the display during the Blaster initialisation.
Change the amount of rounds for each weapon.
Choose what phrases you want pre loaded and how many.
Choose what them tunes you like and how many.
Change the fire and barrel LED colours for each weapon.
Theme tunes and phrases can be changed by changing the files on the Micro SD-Card.To have any of these configuration changes please message me before purchasing

BLTroniX F-11D Blaster

All parts except batteries are available in the PropTroniX store. Please buy your batteries from reputable sellers.
The Arduino Nano is supplied with the BLTroniX F-11D  Blaster code  pre-installed.


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Arduino Nano

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OLED Display

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LED Strip

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Single LED

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Piranha LED

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Lever Switch

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Tactile Switch

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Slide Switch

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Headers Set

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10K Resistor

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1K Resistor

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PH2.0 2-Pin

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XH 2.54 3-Pin

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XH 2.54 4-Pin

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PH 2.0 2-Pin

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XH 2.54 3-Pin

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XH 2.54 4-Pin

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Electronics Assembly Guide

BLTroniX F-11D Blaster Videos

BLTroniX F-11D PCB Board

Video of my BLTroniX F-11DPCB board in operation.
Demonstrating the functions of the buttons and screen display.

My 3D Printed F-11D Blaster

Video of my 3D printed F-11D Blaster in operation.
Fitted with my BLTroniX electronics.