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Blaster Scope Electronics

SCTroniX Blaster Scope Arduino Code

Program Code

I wrote the Arduino Code for my Blaster Scope after seeing a video of a scope installed with electronics by TRamp  on YouTube.
This was a real learning curve on how NOT to write code for the Arduino. But after quite a bit of trial and error I ended up working scope electronics.
The SCTroniX Code comes pre-programmed on the DFRobot Beetle and has no user configurable options.
Please Note: My Arduino SCTroniX program code is NOT open-source software so is not available for download. It comes pre-installed on the microcontroller.

Button/Switch Functions

Button 1. Red Dot Laser Switch/Button - Turns the Red Dot Laser On/Off.Screen.
Button 2. Display Switch/Button - Changes the Scope Display.

Display Scr​een

Displays one of 7 Different Scope Screens. 
Screens.All are animated.

1. Multi Function Scope
6 Animations on One Screen

2. Aliens Tracker
From the Film Aliens

3. Stay On Target
Luke's Targeting Computer

4. Half Circle  
With Sweeping Line 

5 & 6. Crosshair with Arcs
1. Moves in. 2. Moves Out

7. Corners Moving Outwards
Four Corners meve Straight Out

SCTroniX Blaster Scope

All parts except batteries are available in the PropTroniX store. Please buy your batteries from reputable sellers.
The DFRobot Beetle is supplied with the SCTroniX code  pre-installed.. 

DFRobot Beetle

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0.66" Dsiplay

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0.49" Display

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Laser LED

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Tactile Switch

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3-Pin Micro JST

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4-Pin Micro JST

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2-Pin Micro JSt

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10K Resistor

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30mm Cabochon

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Scope Screws

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Red Tint Film

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Green Tint Film

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Electronics Assembly Guide

SCTroniX Blaster Scope Videos

SCTroniX Blaster Scope V1

Video of my SCTroniX Blaster Scope  V1 in operation.
Single Display Screen

SCTroniX Blaster Scope V2

Video of my SCTroniX Blaster Scope V2  in operation.
7 Changeable Display Screens